EZ Access Curb Plate and Curb Ramp

The Traverse Portable Curb Ramp

is ideal for your material handling and delivery needs. Its sturdy, single piece design make it easy to move from one curb to another. Just set the portable curb plate in place and the ramp is ready to use.
  • Traverse® Curb Plate for Curbs, Landings, Single Steps & more
  • Easy to Use Curb Ramp with built in carrying handle
  • 26.5" wide solid surface ramp
  • Perfect for hand trucks, carts and material handling
  • Durable Aluminum for indoor or outdoor use
  • Made in USA, 3 year warranty & Free Shipping!

EZ Access Curb Plate - This durable, portable curb ramp is designed for use on single steps, curbs, door thresholds, landings and more. The Curb Plate is perfect for handtrucks, dollies, carts and so much more. Lightweight, easy to move and supports up to 1000 lbs. These portable curb plates are perfect for delivery trucks and material handling needs. These portable ramps are a must have for any moving company, delivery truck, and material handling van. Ready to use right out of the box and stores easily in any truck or van. These curb ramps for sale are made in the USA!

Traverse Portable Curb Ramp Video

EZ-ACCESS Traverse Portable Curb Ramp Specifications

Item # Ramp Length Usable Size
(L x W)
Weight Capacity
(in lbs.)
Ramp Weight
(in lbs.)
5020 27" 27' x 26.5" 1000 lbs 15 lbs.
Traverse Curb Plates are easy to move for your delivery needs. Weights are approximate.
Traverse® Curb Ramps by EZ Access

Traverse 27 inch Curb Plate

  (Item #:5020)
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Retail: $279.99  
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Usable Size: 27" L x 26.5" W
Overall Width: 27.5" wide
Range of Use: up to 5 ¾" H
Weight Capacity: 1000 lbs.
Weight*: 15 lbs.
3-Year Warranty!
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*Ramp weights are approximate and may vary somewhat.